What Can I Substitute for Coffee for Breakfast?

Do without coffee for breakfast? Impossible, you tell us. It’s the hot drink that wakes you up and motivates you before you go to work. However, you know that too much caffeine can be harmful to the human body. So, does coffee really boost your morning? Are there alternatives to coffee to give you a good boost without compromising your health?

Breakfast and coffee

You are one of those many people who cannot fail to drink coffee for breakfast to accompany their favorite croissants. It is true that coffee is THE energy drink that everyone knows to wake up and stimulate your body to start the day on the right foot. For what ? Because it contains caffeine, a substance with energetic and stimulating effects that can no longer be recognized.

The caffeine content varies according to the variety of the coffee tree, the method of roasting the beans and the preparation technique used to make the coffee. Espresso, short or long coffee, cappuccino, coffee with milk, (…), sheis more or less strong in coffee but still remains one of its main compounds .

Do you drink instant or soluble coffee  ? The caffeine content in your morning coffee remains moderate. Do you prefer roast or ground coffee  ? Your cup of breakfast coffee is packed with caffeine.

The effects of caffeine on the body

Caffeine is a natural, bitter-tasting substance that stimulates the central nervous system of the human body . In moderate doses, it has beneficial properties for health since it improves memory, concentration and morale. At breakfast, via coffee, it has the effect of awakening the brain and boosting the body so that the body has enough energy to start and keep going through the day.

However, when consumed in excess, caffeine can trigger insomnia, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, or nervousness . Worse still, it is perceived as a drug since all those who drink a lot of coffee, like you, cannot do without it. ASuddenly stopping caffeine can even lead to developing withdrawal symptoms like strong headaches or some irritability . This is why it is best not to drink too much coffee, especially at breakfast, and instead consume other non-caffeinated foods and/or beverages  with the same stimulating effects on the body.

Other drinks to wake up to?

Be aware that tea or hot chocolate also contain caffeine , to a lesser extent yes, but still! Thinking of adopting them to replace your morning coffee? Ditch them and go for these caffeine-free alternatives , listed below, to wake up your body right from breakfast.

First possibility, grapefruit juice . Without being too acidic and full of sugar (like some orange juices, for example), it is ultra rich in vitamin C well known to stimulate the body . With antioxidant properties, it also helps to detoxify it and eliminate toxins and other waste accumulated during the night.

Second possibility, theboiled or fried egg . Rich in protein and iron, it stimulates the brain and releases a good dose of energy to start the day off right. It also provides good cholesterol, essential for slowing down the digestion and diffusion of carbohydrates in the body. Consumed in the morning, it boosts and satiates until lunch.

Third possibility, honey . It is a source of minerals, magnesium and vitamins that fight morning fatigue and increase concentration during the day . You can swallow it as it is with a teaspoon or spread it on bread, replacing the jam you are used to eating.

Finally, if you really cannot have your breakfast without coffee, simply choose, in addition to these alternatives, to drink decaffeinated coffee , without caffeine. You will avoid the effects of caffeine on your health without being confused!

Top 10 drinks to replace coffee

We know that too much caffeine can be harmful to your health. Are you addicted to coffee? Replace it with these ten other drinks that are varied, energizing, stimulating and much healthier for the body. Tea, chicory or fruity smoothie, (…), We shares its top 10 with you to boost you without danger!

1. Tea

Whether green, black or red, tea is the first known alternative to coffee . Although it is composed of a little caffeine , tea is also provided with tannins , plant substances with antioxidant and antibacterial properties . Note that the tannins are only released after three minutes of infusion. The longer your tea steeps, the healthier it is.

2. Chicory

Ultra popular in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, chicory is a natural drink produced from the roots of a plant of the same name. It does not contain caffeine but, on the other hand, a lot of fiber and mineral salts . His taste ? It is halfway between coffee and caramel… Are you constipated? Remember that chicory is also known to facilitate digestion and intestinal transit .

3. Grapefruit juice

Hard is waking up? Fill up on vitamins with a glass of fruity juice . On the other hand, be careful with orange juice or multi-fruit juice that you buy commercially; they are often enriched in sugar and far too caloric… Prefer to drink grapefruit juice in the morning. Without being full of sugar (nor too acidic), it is ultra rich in vitamin C and wonderfully boosts the body. You should also know that it helps to detoxify it by eliminating the waste accumulated during the night…

4. Hot chocolate with almond milk

Replace coffee with hot chocolate , is it possible? Of course it is, if and only if it is prepared with almond milk and bitter cocoa powder . For what ? Because it is less caloric, richer in fiber and vitamins and more energetic than hot chocolate made from chocolate powder and animal milk. His caffeine intake ? 5 g per 100 ml, the same content as decaffeinated coffee.

5. Mate

Mate has been used for a very long time in South America to combat mental and physical fatigue . Its richness in trace elements and antioxidants makes it the national drink of Argentina. Needless to say, then, that it is a wonderful replacement for coffee… Beware, its bitter, slightly grassy taste may surprise you.

6. Carrot orange smoothie

Want a tonic and vitamin drink? Make way for the orange carrot smoothie . Packed with beta-carotene , vitamin C and several minerals , it also ensures a nice complexion and a fine silhouette . Prefer homemade rather than store bought. You can limit the addition of (unnecessary) sugar to its composition.

7. Herbal tea (energizing)

Can herbal tea boost your day? Absolutely yes if it is made up of tonic and stimulating ingredients. For an energizing homemade herbal tea, steep for 10 minutes 1 tbsp. thyme, 1 tbsp. dried elderflower, 1 tbsp. teaspoon dried sage and 1 tbsp. coffee of dried linden in 300 ml of water. Filter and drink, the “boost” effect without the harmful effects of coffee is guaranteed!

8. The matcha latte

Does matcha speak to you? It is a green tea powder with the highest number of antioxidants , vitamin A and beta-carotene at the same time. Although it contains as much caffeine as coffee, it is much healthier. Little more, it is also known to burn body fat . Does its taste of young green vegetable shoots put you off in the morning? Prepare a matcha latte with 1 tbsp. coffee matcha, 200 ml vegetable milk and 1 small tsp. powdered sugar, to soften it.

9. Hot lemon water

Hot lemon water to boost the body, does it really work? Obviously ! It is not for nothing that we recommend drinking it on an empty stomach , even before breakfast in the morning. The benefits of lemon for health are no longer to be proven… We don’t know anything better to start your day on the right foot!

10. Coffee… decaffeinated

Finally, if you cannot do without coffee, simply drink decaffeinated coffee to replace your favorite drink. Without caffeine but with the same stimulating and energizing properties, you will be invigorated without feeling out of place.

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