How Do I Know if I’m Drinking Too Much?

One drink, then two, then three… You hadn’t realized it until then, but you often drink a lot of alcohol? How do you know if you’re drinking too much? By asking yourself.

How often do I drink?

Do you drink regularly in the evening or daily at home? Do you go back and forth to the bar counter when you go out, or do you share several glasses of red wine with your family during the meal?

Ask yourself how often you drink alcohol . Admittedly, drinking alcohol can lead to alcoholism, but it is also a sign of conviviality and pleasure. If your alcohol consumption remains a pleasure , whether you are in the evening with your friends or during a family meal, there is no point in talking about drunkenness or alcohol dependence. Conversely, if your alcohol consumption begins to become a need , you drink a lot of drinks in the evening or during family meals to fill a void or relieve an emotion, for example, there it can be problematic and excessive.

Why am I drinking?

Have you ever wondered how often you drink? Ok. If you think you drink alcohol out of need, ask yourself about the possible reasons for those irresistible cravings for alcohol.

Do you lack self-confidence? Do you feel alone? Are you depressed? Are you in conflict with a loved one? Do you experience certain difficulties or experience one or more failures at work? All these questions can help you see things more clearly. If one or more of them is answered, it is clear that you or what you are experiencing is contributing to the construction of your alcohol addiction.

Can I do without alcohol?

Have you targeted the problem directly related to your alcohol consumption? It’s a huge step forward. Now can you do without alcohol? In other words, when you drink, can you stop or do you always feel this irrepressible desire “to go further” and not to stop your consumption ?

If your desire for alcohol is frequent but especially continuous , when you drink, then you have become dependent. Moreover, this dependence can be manifested by several outward signs . Do you suffer from shaking, sweating or nausea, for example, when you don’t drink alcohol? All of these symptoms can alert you.

What do those around me think?

You are not alone in your alcohol addiction. Alone, you have managed to identify it so perhaps those around you have also noticed it. Have you ever received comments, even subjective ones, about your excessive alcohol consumption?

Whether those around you have targeted your addiction or not, do not hesitate to talk about it to seek advice and get help. Alcoholism is a fight for which it is essential to feel supported and loved in order to get out of it. No shame should be felt, it is a question of treating yourself!

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