Signs That Show That We Are in Good Health

When we are sick, tired, depressed, stressed, we know it. But, on the contrary, what does being in good health really mean?

What are the signs that show you’re out of shape, both mentally and physically?

In this post we reveals 10 signs that show that you are in good health.

1. We have pink nails

Our nails are a valuable indicator of deficiencies or even diseases. When healthy, they are pink, strong and smooth. Their color and appearance are indicators of our health . If they are streaky, you may have hypothyroidism or anemia.

If they are very pale or even white, it is a sign of poor blood circulation and most likely anemia. If they are yellow , it is due to tobacco. If you don’t smoke, a yeast infection or sinusitis may be the cause.

If your nails are brittle and split , this is a sign that you have iron, zinc or vitamin B deficiencies. To remedy this, simply take a cure.

White spots on the nails? You lack calcium.

2. We sleep well

To be in good shape, it is advisable to sleep at least 8 hours a night . If this is your case, and you sleep like a baby, without waking up, it means that you are in excellent health.

You don’t suffer from insomnia, you’ve found your sleep rhythm and you don’t consume any stimulants before going to bed. You have also understood that you shouldn’t look at screens an hour before bedtime. Congratulation !

3. We have a pink tongue

The color and appearance of your tongue says a lot about your overall health.

If your tongue is white and looks swollen , it’s because you’re drinking too much alcohol or eating too spicy a diet. It may also reveal oral thrush, caused by fungi such as candida albicans.

Generally, it develops in weakened people, very often following antibiotic treatments. If your tongue is spotted with white, it is a candidiasis, that is to say, a mycosis. Avoid acidic foods

4. We have a good appetite

Admittedly, it’s not good to eat too fat, too sweet, too salty, we know the song. But if you have a good appetite, eating everything in reasonable amounts, that means you are healthy.

You don’t sort the food , you don’t prevent yourself from having fun once in a while, in short, you have no food worries.

Don’t listen to your girlfriends on a diet who suffer from deficiencies and are always in a bad mood. You are in excellent health!

5. We have flatulence

Don’t laugh, it’s true! A healthy person expels an average of fifteen farts a day . So, even if it is embarrassing and disgusting when you are with other people, you should not prevent yourself from eating foods that give gas.

Because imagine that broccoli, cabbage, beans are excellent for our health. Packed with vitamins and iron, they produce good bacteria in the gut.

In other words, when you fart, your gut tells you that you are healthy . So rejoice!

6. We sweat easily

Do you sweat so much that it bothers you? Trying antiperspirant after antiperspirant? And when you’re in the middle of a sports session, let’s not talk about it…

Don’t blush! Sweating is a sign of good health. It is a natural process, the body sweats to evacuate heat and regulate its temperature.

7. We have good lubrication

The love juice is the natural lubricant of the vagina. If you wet a lot, not only is it a sign that you long for your partner, but it also means that you are in good health.

The reverse would be rather worrying. Vaginal dryness is unpleasant, sexual intercourse is painful, the obligation to use a lubricant is boring… So know that if you get wet a lot, it’s a good sign!

8. We have regular periods

If having heavy periods can be restrictive, it is nevertheless a sign that one is in good health. You eat enough and you give your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly.

The regularity of menstruation is also an indicator of good health . When you have a regular cycle, you can be happy to be in perfect health.

Conversely, amenorrhea (absence of periods) can reveal adrenal or thyroid insufficiency, ovarian dystrophies… In short, diseases to be taken seriously.

9. You don’t lose your hair

Losing a few hairs every day is quite normal, it’s the natural cycle of the hair. So, rest assured, if you lose a few hairs but very little, it’s a sign that you are in good health!

Ditto, if they are shiny, thick and soft. This testifies to the fact that you eat a balanced diet and that you have no deficiencies.

10. We have beautiful skin

The skin is a reflection of our moods and our health in general . Just by looking at a person’s skin, you can tell a lot about their lifestyle and personality.

A skin without redness, without dryness, which is supple and does not feel tight, is a sign that one is in good health. We eat correctly and enough, we are not stressed, we are in a good mood… In short, we are in great shape!

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