How to Hide a Hangover at Work and Maintain Your Lifestyle

Doing a little afterwork after work during the week, it’s true that it’s nice. But when you finish at 3am and 3 grams while singing, it’s the next day at work that you risk being severely disillusioned.

Dress well

So that’s THE number one rule so that no one at work notices that last night we drank enough to flood an African desert: above all, we NEVER put on the clothes we wore the day before! They are so soaked in alcohol that they would betray us for sure, and in addition if a colleague lights a cigarette next to us, we risk igniting in 2 seconds!

Don’t skimp on foundation

To hide a bad hangover at work, it is essential to present well! So even if inside our skull is caught in a vise and our liver calls for revolution, on the outside we have to be resplendent, and our unhappiness be un-de-ce-lable. So in addition to dressing well, we’re going to wear make-up on top, just to stop looking like a little corpse on legs…

Always have at least 1 mint chewing gum in your mouth

Looking more or less normal is not enough to hide a serious hangover from more or less observant colleagues! So to prevent our wine cellar breath on the way back betraying us, we’re going to eat chewing gum all day. And not overly sweet flavors such as “fruits of the forest” or “peach-apricot” huh. To hide hints of vinasse or vodka, icy mint or strong mint will be the best allies…

NEVER talk to anyone within 1 meter

But even if we’re fueled by Mentos force 12 all day, it’s better not to get too close to our colleagues to talk to them. Because when we downed mojitos as if our life depended on it the day before, we may chew kilos of fresh mint the next day and swallow a tube of toothpaste, our rum bottle breath will necessarily give us away… Discuss, ok , but by mail then!

Avoid staying in too small a room

When we got drunk the day before, we might think that the best way to hide our disastrous state from our colleagues would be to go and isolate ourselves in a small work room so that we could sleep in peace. Yes, but… if the room is not well ventilated, the smells and vapors of alcohol that our body will reject will quickly saturate the room! And when a colleague comes home, he’ll feel like he’s been plunged into the heart of an alcohol distillery, and will quickly be as drunk as we are! Unfortunately, we will have to stay in the open space…

Get active early in the morning to give the change

The day after a good murge, we often still have a little alcohol in the blood in the morning, and a tiny bit of energy to give. When you get to work, you have to get really active, run around and show that you’re present and operational… because this renewed energy won’t last! And when we are going to go out painfully around 10h30-11h, instead of saying to ourselves “tss, drunken evening that! Everyone will say, “Shit, she was in really good shape when she arrived”! What a skilfully organized straw fire!

Find an excuse to go to the toilet regularly

When our drunk yesterday just left us with a huge lead cap as a souvenir, it’s horrible, but at work it’s okay. On the other hand, when our liver and our stomach want to give us back some of the cocktails we have swallowed, then it becomes more complicated… We will have to find excuses in spades to explain to everyone why we run to the toilets every 30 minutes (“I’m going to pee” – “damn I forgot something in the bathroom, I’m going back” – “hey I have a tiny bladder today I have to go again” – “Is it Aloe Vera or Eucalyptus the scent of hand gel in the WC? I have to get to the bottom of it, I’m going back”…). Creativity will be our best ally!

To say that we have a project that requires all our reflection

When we have taken a case of anthology and we have to go to work the next day, we have to tell our colleagues as soon as we arrive that today we have a project that will require a lot of thought. That way, we can spend our day with our heads in our hands, fingers on our temples and eyes closed without anyone finding it suspicious!

A saving lunch break

The lunch break the day after cooking is a crucial moment in the day: it’s make or break! For it to pass and for our reputation as a working girl to survive this memorable binge, it is essential to organize your lunch break as follows: a McDo with a large cold Coke, and a nap in a corner where you don’t will not be disturbed. After that, we should find some life points and a semblance of energy that will help us keep up appearances in the afternoon!

Not coming

If we didn’t tell any of our colleagues the day before that “tonight we were going to have fun with our girlfriends in a bar”, nobody knows that last night we drank our weight in hard liquor. So if you’re really too bad, you might as well call BigBoss and tell him that you got food poisoning, that you’re sorry, but that you’ll be back tomorrow in great shape. Like that, we can sleep peacefully, at home, in front of stupid series on TV. Youhoo!

10 tips for anticipating a hangover

It’s the same every time: the day after an olé olé evening, you regret having let yourself go and have a serious headache and nausea. Yes, you are more than tired of being hungover every time you drink a little too much alcohol in the evening. Do you have any tips for anticipating this post-cooked state? Yes of course !

1. Eat a good meal

Are you getting ready for dinner before going to the party? No way to eat too fat or, on the contrary, too light, if you want to hold on and avoid being completely buttered afterwards. The right combo? A balanced and complete meal composed of fibre, protein, some fat, carbohydrates and vitamins . At each pre-evening meal, take the time to cook and concoct a good little dish. It will allow you to more easily collect the large quantity of alcohol that you will drink during the evening. Are you on a diet? Don’t skip the fat ! Although they should be consumed in moderation, theyare essential to slow the effects of alcohol and protect the digestive tract from inflammation .

2. Take a sachet of Smecta

The meal is over? Swallow the contents of a diluted in a large glass of water . While it won’t help with overnight migraines, it will protect your stomach and slow the spread of alcohol into it during the evening . It will take you longer to get and feel completely drunk. A good tip if you want to stop your alcohol consumption before it’s too late!

3. Bite into a banana

Rich in potassium, biting a banana before chaining glasses of alcohol is also a good way to avoid having a hangover the next day. For what reasons ? Because when we drink in the evening, we will urinate more often; alcohol being a diuretic. When you urinate a lot, you lose more potassium than usual . And it is this low potassium level that quickly leads to a feeling of fatigue, nausea and weakness , symptomatic of a hangover. So, to avoid feeling this state, eat a banana after your pre-evening meal.

4. Swallow a spoonful of olive oil…

Don’t have any Smecta® on hand? Do not panic, rather swallow a tablespoon of olive oil . It is known to have the same effects as the drug if you are in the evening. Despite the x glasses of alcohol you drink, you will take longer to get drunk.

5. … and a spoonful of honey

Like bananas, honey is rich in potassium and relieves fatigue, nausea or migraines that can quickly be felt when drinking too much. Also swallow a tablespoon of honey before going to your party . Do you eat yogurt for dessert? Remember to sweeten it by adding a little honey to take advantage of its benefits.

6. Alternate a glass of alcohol with a glass of water during the evening…

We often hear that you have to alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks in the evening to avoid having a hangover the next day. Well, this technique works! For what ? Because alcohol dehydrates the body, it must be rehydrated with non-alcoholic liquids to avoid a hangover. And what better than a glass of water to achieve this… Are you in the evening? Drink a glass of alcohol then a glass of water, another glass of alcohol then another glass of water, etc, etc …

7. … and avoid sparkling drinks

Drink water, OK, but be careful, only still water and not sparkling! Like sodas and other soft and carbonated drinks, sparkling water , although it does not contain alcohol, can enhance the effects of alcohol you ingest in the meantime! So, banish her for the whole evening.

8. Drink herbal tea before going to bed…

The party is over? With all these tricks mentioned above, you’ve had a good drink, but you’re not completely drunk. Well done, but it’s not over! To eliminate any risk of having a hangover the next day, drink herbal tea before going to bed . With mint, chamomile or ginger (…), it doesn’t matter, the goal being to rehydrate your body once again and dilute the alcohol in your blood .

9. … and take a vitamin C tablet

Do not forget to swallow a vitamin C tablet at the same time as your herbal tea. It promotes the elimination of alcohol in the body . For more effect, prefer natural versions such as acerola in tablets , available in pharmacies or drugstores.

10. Get enough sleep

Finally, know that the more you sleep the day after your party, the more the effects of a hangover will be minimized . The fatigue, nausea or migraine you used to feel? They will be reduced or even eliminated if you sleep at least 8 hours after your excesses. Indeed, remember that sleeping allows the liver (and more particularly its enzymes) to eliminate the alcohol that has accumulated there. The more it cleans itself, the lower the blood alcohol level and the more the effects associated with it disappear.

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