Tips to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Tired of nabbing all the viruses that pass as soon as winter sets in? Every year, it’s the same refrain, you can’t escape it, despite all your efforts. But are you sure you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself from seasonal epidemics?

To repel colds, gastros, angina, flu and other joys, it is necessary to strengthen your immune system. Starting by adopting a positive state of mind because depression affects the proper functioning of the body.

Then, you should take a few simple precautions on a daily basis, such as getting enough sleep, exercising regularly or avoiding pollutants. In this post we reveals 10 tips to avoid getting sick this winter

1. Stock up on vitamins

Colds, bronchitis, gastroes… To avoid catching all the germs that pass by, it is essential to strengthen your body by filling up with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

To tone up the respiratory mucous membranes, we focus on vitamin A, present in carrots and spinach. To fight against general fatigue, only one remedy: vitamin C. It is found in citrus fruits or kiwis.

Then, to stimulate your immune system, you eat oily fruits in large quantities. Their strong point? They are rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc. Finally, know that the best way to stay in shape and avoid getting sick this winter is to have a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

2. Get enough sleep

To avoid getting sick, you have to listen to your body when it tells you to stop. If we are tired, we rest and we don’t go out every evening. The more you tire your body, the more difficult it is to recover, and the more you risk getting sick.

The best thing is to have regular sleep schedules in order to respect a rhythm. We go to bed at the same time every night and we avoid sleeping in on weekends so as not to shift.

One hour before going to bed, turn off all screens (laptop, computer, tablet, etc.) because blue light is bad for the eyes and irritates before falling asleep.

3. Exercise regularly

It’s not a legend: playing sports regularly helps to strengthen your immune system and relieve stress. To get results, it should be done at least three hours a week.

Are you allergic to sports? So, walk at least 30 minutes a day. As soon as you can, walk  ! Get off two metro stations earlier, go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator… In short, get moving as soon as you can!

4. Respect hygiene rules

We all too often tend to forget it, yet it is the basis if we want to avoid getting sick this winter. It is imperative to wash your hands regularly so as not to catch a virus : after having been on public transport, after going to the toilet, to the doctor…

And tell our loved ones who are infected to do the same. The rule: rub your hands for at least 20 seconds and do not hesitate to repeat the operation regularly .

5. Dress warmly

Do you like to leave your legs in thin tights and show off a nice cleavage? It’s the best way to get sick! It is essential to cover yourself sufficiently, especially at the level of the neck, so as not to fall ill.

In the same way, we discover ourselves when we arrive in a heated room because the change in temperature is precisely what makes us fall ill.

Note that the ideal temperature is 18°. Beyond that, you risk sleeping poorly

6. Avoid pollutants

The pollutants present in the air considerably weaken our immune defenses by attacking the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. And what happens when they are weakened? The microbes come to slip in more easily.

Outside, avoid exhaust fumes as much as possible. The more time you can take in the countryside, in the great outdoors, the better.

Every day, remember to ventilate your apartment well and ensure that the rooms are not too humid.

7. Run away from stress

Stress consumes all our energy and therefore weakens our immune system. The more stressed you are, the more likely you are to catch a virus.

What to do: relax as much as possible by doing things that make you feel good: take a nice hot bath, go get a massage, meet positive people who make you laugh, disconnect from your smartphone the most often possible.

8. Clean your nose

Unfortunately, most of the time, we only think about cleaning our nose when we have a cold. However, this should be a daily reflex, just like brushing your teeth.

Indeed, offering yourself a nasal shower with salty sea water helps clean the mucous membranes where microbes come to nest and then develop colds. From now on, we think of doing it once a day .

9. Bet on vitamin D

Vitamin D is synthesized by our skin in the summer when we are exposed to the sun. In other words, in winter, you can brush! Because it protects against the flu, it is essential to fill up with vitamin D.

Go to your doctor who can prescribe vitamin D vials to take all year round.

10. Get the flu shot

If you have a very weakened immune system, do not hesitate to get vaccinated against the flu. If you can’t miss it every year, it’s almost a must. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your attending physician. That will already be one less illness!

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