9 Good Reasons to Quit Nutella

Nutella is really the indulgence of many people… And that’s understandable: whether you’re a fan of spreads or not, its little chocolate taste is really enough to thrill our taste buds.

But in recent years, Nutella has been at the heart of many heated controversies, which have questioned both its manufacture and its composition.

Here are, according to its detractors, 9 good reasons to stop Nutella.

1. Because it’s not just Nutella in life

That’s for sure: Nutella is THE breakfast and snack spread for many people (and young and old around the world). But hey, in the “breakfast” section of the supermarket, oh, surprise, there are plenty of others… And maybe even better!

2. Because it overshadows other breakfast components too much

What mum has never experienced a disaster in the morning when the children have breakfast because the Nutella jar was empty? Oops: by constantly eating it, our children have almost forgotten the existence of fruit, yogurt and cereals… It’s time for a change!

3. Because it’s super greasy

The main ingredient of Nutella, contrary to what you see in the ad, is not fresh hazelnuts… but rather refined sugar. Yes: 100 grams of Nutella represents no less than 530 calories. That’s twice as much as a Big Mac!

4. And it’s not even real sugar!

To make Nutella at a lower cost, manufacturers rely on genetically modified beet sugar (appetizing, isn’t it?), much cheaper than conventional refined sugar. Small downside: over time, this modified sugar can lead to liver and kidney problems, digestive disorders and diabetes. Ouch.

5. Because it’s bad for the planet

If a few months ago, Ségolène Royal had asserted a little awkwardly on TV that it was necessary to stop Nutella, it started from a good intention: to denounce the often very unecological extraction conditions of the oil of palm, one of the key components of Nutella. Participate in deforestation from breakfast, no thank you!

6. Because it’s not healthy

If as soon as we have dipped our spoon in the jar of Nutella it is difficult to put it down, it may not be just because of its good little taste… but probably because Nutella contains vanillin, an artificial flavor that is known to create huge insulin spikes in the body. So, shortly after eating Nutella, you crave sugar, and you go back to dipping the spoon into the jar!

7. Because it contains other products to be wary of

Like soy lecithin, for example, an emulsifier that gives it its creamy texture… The only problem: this product is in a way a waste product of soybean oil, the production of which is often genetically modified. This can lead to fertility problems, immune weaknesses and allergies.

8. Because even though Ferrero has changed his tune…

Admittedly, the Ferrero group has made efforts in the production of palm oil, which has become more sustainable and less aggressive for the environment. But still: spreads without palm oil but with sunflower oil, it does exist!

9. Cause you can do it yourself

And there, for once, we will use real hazelnuts, good skimmed milk, chocolate of our choice, and not too much sugar. Making homemade Nutella is ultimately the best way to continue eating it without putting our health or the planet at risk!

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