What to Drink to Keep Your Body Hydrated

With the summer and the sun come the high temperatures. It is therefore essential to stay well hydrated. But be careful not to drink just anything! Even water has its flaws that you have to know depending on where it comes from.

Beware of tap water

The very first beverage to turn to is the most basic of all: water. But again, be careful what you consume. Our body being composed of 60% water, our consumption and the choice of it is therefore not insignificant, nor without consequence on the organism.

If we are presented with tap water as clean for consumption, it contains a significant amount of chlorine, the purpose of which is to eliminate all the bacteria that can be found there. It is also a strong water in limestone. You can see it yourself: regularly pour tap water into a kettle and you will always have large scale deposits inside. And this water is not cleaner in the countryside! Indeed, it can then find itself infested with pesticides and nitrates. It is therefore a question of consuming it with caution. However, you can decide to filter it with specific devices.

Spring water rather than mineral water

Mineral water is the third most consumed water in the world. It has therapeutic virtues: correcting imbalances, filling deficiencies, etc. But it is interesting only if you suffer from these imbalances. Otherwise it could load your body and clog it.

Mention of centrifuged fruit juices

Either way, stay away from cola drinks. These are very harmful to your body. Dental erosion, addiction, their high sugar content are all reasons not to approach them. Even less “light”! Similarly, avoid black coffee and favor teas, herbal teas or other unsweetened infusions (or possibly with agave syrup).

Same observation for fruit juices. These are almost comparable to soda in terms of sugar. At least if they are bought in supermarkets. The best thing is to invest in a juicer (available from 30 euros in household appliance stores) is to make your own juices yourself, with seasonal fruits from organic farming. Centrifuged fruit juices are much richer in nutrients and their taste quality has nothing to do with their industrial counterparts. You can also turn to smoothies if you have a blender.

If your body has a vital need to rehydrate, keep an eye on your shape and your health. So pay attention to the various summer temptations, especially to benefit from a flat stomach on the beach.

Why prefer filtered water?

Filter carafe or filter on tap, filtered water has continued to be popular in recent years. What explains its success? So many diverse and varied advantages… We lists five good reasons for you to prefer it.

1. Remove unpleasant substances from tap water

Some criticize it for a slightly salty taste of chlorine, others denounce its lackluster and tartar appearance. Yes, for a long time we have all wondered whether or not it is good to drink tap water. However, sometimes, tap water contains traces of aluminum, limestone, zinc or even lead or pesticides, even if, being  very controlled, its properties meet very strict health standards…

first advantage of filtered water is that it is devoid of all impurities or unpleasant substances such as those mentioned above. Whether you adopt the filter jug ​​or the tap filter, you are sure to use/consume clean water that is much better for the body… provided you change the filter used regularly.

2. We save money

Tap water, we haven’t consumed it for a long time. Rather, we buy bottles of mineral or sparkling water several times a week at the supermarket… without thinking of our wallet.

Another advantage of filtered water is that you no longer need these purchases to consume clean, waste-free water. You just need to buy a single carafe or a filter to place on the neck of the tap (filters to be changed regularly) to benefit from it. In the long run, avoiding repeated bottles saves money  !

3. We use good tips in the kitchen

Filtered water has a few advantages in the kitchen. We didn’t know it but it boils faster (when cooking pasta in a saucepan) and helps preserve the color and texture of food (when steaming vegetables). Using filtered water to cook spaghetti or cook broccoli florets? It’s a time saver for the first, a gain in color and crunchiness for the second!

4. We gain in flavor and taste

As said above, tap water can taste bad. When we use it in the kitchen, our food or our recipes (steamed vegetables, soups, soups, rice, pasta, etc.) may have less flavor. By using filtered water, the natural aromas of the food are preserved and not denatured.

5. We are green

No more plastic bottles with filtered water, we save money but we are also ecological  ! A good thing when you know that, every year, nearly 140,000 tonnes of plastic bottles from supermarkets end up in waste.

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