The Reasons for Body Aches and Their Solution

Do your muscles make you suffer regularly? After an intense sports session, in the morning, when you get up, your limbs feel numb, you crack on all sides. In short, a real torture!

If you are tired or have a fever, your body feels like a living wound. So where do these aches come from and especially how to prevent and relieve them to find a toned, dynamic body that does not hurt you anymore?

Difficult to move when you suffer from body aches. On average, these last a week and come from several factors.

Multiple causes

You have provided a physical effort to which you are not accustomed, your muscles have worked and expended more energy than usual! After jogging, stepping, running, you feel these famous aches caused by muscle fiber damage.

Sometimes body aches aren’t just sports-related, they can be a result of your overall health. This is the case when you are sick and have a fever.

The body aches then appear as symptoms of a feverish state. In the event of a viral infection, the lymph nodes fighting against the virus confront it with lymphocytes which fight it.

This causes inflammation and this feeling of having the body all bruised. The flu in particular favors the appearance of body aches with this impression of having run a marathon!

Another factor causing this pain in your muscles is dehydration! Indeed, it is important to drink plenty of water so that your muscles do not lack oxygen. So be sure to hydrate yourself well even if you do not feel thirsty to avoid muscle tears.

Finally, if you belong to the category of stressed people , you are more prone to body aches because you suffer from muscle hypertonia which contracts your whole body. If really the aches are not related to any of these factors, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Maybe you have fibromyalgia with pain all over your body coupled with a daily feeling of exhaustion and trouble sleeping.

If the aches are not dangerous, they remain unpleasant and cause discomfort as soon as you want to move and perform gestures. Therefore, it becomes essential to be able to relieve your body so that your performance is not limited.

What about the solutions?

The secret to freeing yourself from those pesky aches? Rest your muscles. If you have provided physical activity, let your muscles relax for one or two days, avoid using them again too intensively.

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