Must Know About These 10 of the Most Addictive Substances

Every day, we voluntarily or involuntarily consume addictive substances. These can be present in our food, in the medicines we consume or in products such as cigarettes or alcohol. What are the most addictive substances? Here is our TOP 10.

1. Caffeine

Present in coffee, energy drinks and many sodas, caffeine is a substance that wakes us up and gives us energy. That’s why we love it and why we consume a lot of it, even too much. Indeed, caffeine is an addictive substance, so moderation is essential!

2. Sugar

Sugar is a real drug. Our taste buds love it but the substance remains dangerous for health. Sugar is omnipresent in our diet, and especially in industrial dishes. It causes diabetes and can be the cause of more or less overweight.

3. Salt

Like sugar, salt is a very common substance in our diet. We also consume too much salt because we are unable to do without it. Salt makes us eat more. It is also very dangerous for health.

4. The alcohol

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance. This is called alcoholism and claims many victims every year. Alcohol consumption is dangerous for health. Vigilance is essential, especially among the youngest.

5. Cheese

Because most cheeses today are industrial and therefore processed products, they are recognized as addictive. To limit the risks, we choose natural and non-industrial products!

6. Tobacco

Tobacco is an addictive and dangerous substance for health. Smoking kills, it’s no longer a secret. It is now imperative to fight against smoking, especially since weaning is facilitated by medical support.

7. Glutamate

Glutamate is a flavor enhancer widely used by manufacturers. The substance is addictive. Like sugar and salt, it causes us to eat more. The health hazards are numerous. An overconsumption of glutamate leads to diabetes, headaches, hypertension or hyperactivity.

8. Drugs

Like alcohol, drugs are addictive. The most addictive substances are heroin and cocaine. Of course, all drugs are very dangerous for health and sometimes for our safety.

9. Antidepressants

Antidepressants are highly addictive drugs. It is highly recommended to consume it only on medical advice and to have a follow-up throughout the duration of the treatment. Stopping antidepressants must be done very gradually in order to limit the risks to the psychiatric health of patients.

10. Steroids

Steroids are substances used by athletes to increase performance and gain muscle mass. Steroids are also dangerous for health and above all very addictive. They alter the behavior and the proper functioning of the body.

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