How to Gain Weight Quickly?

As summer approaches; we are all looking for the magic bullet to lose weight fast. What if today we changed the trend: how to gain weight quickly. In effect ; some people are underweight and need to get it back up for better health. Yes but how do we do it?

A good weight

We’re the first to say I’ve gained another kilo, it’s not possible!! But what we don’t know is that gaining good fat is extremely difficult. For all those underweight people; it is important to build quality body fat. Because the goal is not to reverse the trend. To properly gain weight; here are some tips.

Slowed metabolism

Some of us have what is called a fast metabolism. That is to say, they burn calories much faster than others, which may explain underweight. Nervousness promotes this metabolism so to slow it down try relaxation exercises. Take the time to ask yourself, to calm down, to breathe.
Stimulate the appetite

We want to eat more but we still have to be hungry. There are a few ways to make us want to eat. At first, it is necessary to give importance to the table, set up a pleasant table. Prepare colorful dishes that make you want to devour. Eat out whenever possible. Favor dishes with a smell that makes you salivate.

To the more copious and more frequent

It is very important to maintain a balanced diet when trying to gain weight. To promote this; gradually try to eat larger and larger meals. For example, serve your meal on larger plates. You can also increase the frequency of your meals, go from 3 to 4 or 5 per day.

It takes time for the stomach to adjust to larger meals, so don’t worry if you feel nauseous at first.

To our plates

To gain weight properly, no secrets you have to increase calorie intake. Some quality foods are there to help us.

  • Meat ; rich in protein and good fats. Prefer higher calorie red meat
  • Vegetables : pulses such as lentils, potatoes, etc.
  • Cereal products : pasta, rice; bread, cereals
  • Dairy products : cheese; whole yogurt, milk
  • Fish : salmon, mackerel, sardines which are fatty fish
  • Fruits : we prefer dried fruits, or bananas, avocado…

Do not hesitate to have snacks between meals based on cereal bars, bread with butter and jam.

Enrich to grow better

For faster weight gain, it is also important to enrich your dishes. For example, add grated cheese to your pasta, cook meat in sauce, add dried fruit, sugar or maple syrup to yoghurt or cereal. Favor cooking with the addition of fat… Add a beaten egg to the pasta.

We avoid all foods such as pastries, sweets, chocolate bars… So yes, of course, thanks to them, we will gain weight, but bad ones, with an increase in cholesterol and the risk of heart problems.

Sport!! With moderation

To promote the gain of good fat, moderate physical activity is recommended. It can also help stimulate the appetite. But be careful not to overdo it at the risk of losing the hard-earned weight.

Not so easy to grow quickly and correctly you will tell me. We must know how to respect some rules to be able to gain healthy weight which will ultimately change our life and thanks to which we will be better off. So above all we hang on, we arm our forks and we taste. Don’t forget to have fun. If we have to eat more as much as it is good!

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