Work Your Abs in Minutes

Do you want a six pack but don’t have time? No problem. Today we show you the best exercises to train your abs in minutes.

Strict schedules and the amount of things to do can be a great excuse not to exercise.

But even if you don’t believe it, there is always time to do whatever you want. Obviously, you have to really want it.

Today we will see some exercises to work your abs in minutes. It will only take 5/10 minutes.

Work your abs in minutes

You can dedicate a few minutes to physical exercise, and at any time of the day, instead of losing yourself watching television or behind social networks.


The plank is a great exercise to work your abs in minutes.

To start, get on your knees, rest your forearms on the floor and bring your legs back, leaving them well extended.

Keep your body on your fingertips and lift your pelvis while keeping your back straight and parallel to the floor.

At first, it will be difficult to hold this position for more than 20 seconds. But with practice you will certainly succeed. The goal is to hold this position for at least 1 minute.

Try to keep your back relaxed and not lower or raise your pelvis too much. Keep in mind that this exercise puts pressure on your abs the entire time.


The stair climber is another excellent exercise for toning the abs. In addition, it is much more fun than the previous one.

The exercise simulates climbing a mountain, even if performed while standing on the ground.

Starting from the position of the previous table, we take one leg towards the corresponding arm and vice versa simulating a climb. We can keep our arms straight or rest our elbows. The ideal is to do between 12 and 15 per leg.

Hand/Foot Crunch

With this exercise we will train the oblique abdominals. It is a fairly simple exercise and to achieve it we will lie on our backs, with the soles of our feet resting on the ground.

In this position, we raise the trunk and look at the toes.

With outstretched arms we will touch the right foot from the side with the right hand and vice versa.

At first, we may not even notice the obliques working. But the more we advance in the exercise, the more we will feel the muscle “burn”.

As with the previous exercise, we will perform between 12 and 15 repetitions.

Side table

Also with this exercise we will work the oblique abdominals. We will position ourselves on the side, supporting the arm at a right angle and keeping the legs straight.

What we have to do is raise the hips and hold the position, if possible, for at least 1 minute.

As we saw for the previous plank, it is essential not to lower or raise the hips too much. If the position of the forearm bothers us, we can change it and leave it on the leg.

Straight leg crunch

To perform this exercise, we must lie on our backs on the floor.

We pass our arms over our heads and hold on to something fixed (a backrest, a bench…).

We can also keep the arms extended along the body, as shown in the image.

The movement to perform is to raise and lower the legs keeping them perfectly straight. Do about 15 repetitions.

Crunch for upper abs

Immediately after performing the previous crunch, we place the legs at 90 degrees and raise the torso. So let’s try to get it as close to the legs as possible, and then return to the starting position.

We will perform about 15 repetitions. It will probably take a bit of repetition to really feel how these muscles work.

This short abdominal exercise can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. We recommend doing at least 3 sets of each exercise.

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