Motivation to Lose Weight: discover how to overcome this challenge!

Obesity is a problem faced by one in eight adults, according to the World Health Organization. In addition to bodily disorders, external factors also lead to illness, making it difficult for people to be motivated to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Therefore, the motivation to lose weight is crucial to resist temptations and move towards a better quality of life. Check out in this article how you can focus completely on the goal of losing weight and not abandon this mission!

How to be motivated to lose weight?

Below, we show you some tips to maintain focus and well-being for healthy weight loss. Look!

Have patience to achieve motivation

Having patience is a daily effort to achieve your results on a weight loss diet. This factor is crucial so that you don’t get discouraged or see your merits in the wrong way, valuing your results and efforts, however minimal they may be.

In a few days, you may feel discouraged, which is normal in the process of facing a change like this. However, persevering will lead to lasting results. Training this virtue will make you get to your results, look back on the path you’ve taken and see how well the effort was worth.

Looking for a place that brings relaxation and, with that, exteriorization can be a good idea. Find a space where you take time for yourself, get to know yourself better and understand how you will overcome the challenge.

Going to a spa is a good choice, as the place provides that atmosphere. Look for a suitable space that offers resources to improve your well-being, especially to gain motivation for new challenges and stages.

Look for inspirations

Inspirations are necessary for many choices you make. Whether personal or professional, it’s good to have a purpose that helps you change the “key” in your head and start a healthier life.

The inspirations are scattered in people, gestures, historical figures, life stories and, especially, in cases like yours.

Read books about characters who managed to lose weight and what path they took, watch movies that portray difficult goals. Themes related to diet, such as persistence, focus and dealing with losses are brought up in cinematic narratives.

Also talk to people in your inner circle who really want the best for you, especially those you’ve always looked up to because they’ve achieved amazing results in their lives.

Keep a weight loss diary

Nothing like one day after another. This sentence should be the premise of the entire diary, which shows on each page the path to reach the final goal: weight loss.

Keeping this writing constant helps in your motivation, as it shows that, with each new day, a page must be filled with what has happened or what is yet to happen.

A diary is your own space, in which you can put all your pains, celebrations, frustrations and discoveries you had during weight loss. Writing still serves as therapy and helps to organize your thoughts and understand yourself better.

In the end, who knows, maybe that diary turns into a book and you become the inspiration for other people?

Practice physical activities

Including physical activity favors weight loss, as, in addition to burning calories, it also helps to reduce the typical anxiety of the process. Always choose an exercise that brings you good feelings and that is suitable for your quest, both to lose weight and to promote well-being.

This should be prioritized because the playful side of the practice will take the idea of sacrifice out of the move and deliver the idea of pleasure, increasing your motivation.

Celebrate the achievements

Over the weeks and months of new habits, you will come across some discomforts, but you will be surprised by the many benefits. These achievements, whether in weight loss or in resisting the temptation to eat something off the menu, should be celebrated.

Simple actions are often the ones that have the best taste of achievement, such as giving yourself a nice massage, listening to good music and dancing, taking a delicious bath with salts and essential oils, or just taking a walk with nature. These examples are small actions that give your journey a boost.

Share positive results

Positive results must be shared, after all, everything that is good must be evidenced so that other people know the benefits.

This doesn’t mean just sharing — literally — your achievements on social media. You can do that, yes, but without filling your motivation with “likes”.

More than that, talk to people close to you and who have even tried diets, talk about your experience and how you are feeling better.

Have company

Having someone to support or even serve as a shoulder to listen to your complaints and challenges is very important. After all, losing weight is quite a change.

Irritability and mood swings are some of the side effects of this dietary change , and sometimes it’s hard to face it all without support. So having a trusted friend, family member, husband, wife or other person to support your search is essential.

Talking to someone about the changes and also explaining how you’re looking to be healthier helps lighten the load. This helps the other to understand your positioning and the difficult days you will face by your side.
This alleviates the situation and provides even more the union of those who really like you. A unique moment to strengthen ties and rediscover people.

Don’t make excuses

If there’s a diet and a goal to achieve, don’t make excuses to run away from them and relieve your pain for a very short pleasure. This will only bring frustration when you come back to reality and realize that you haven’t done anything to lose weight.

Be realistic in this moment, avoiding distractions that, in your head, become a reason to explain why you haven’t been able to accomplish a goal.

At this point, assuming an athlete’s posture is essential to carry out the entire program that involves your goal, such as physical exercises, daily habits, sleep, diet , etc.

Also, together with the tips, it is equally important to have the follow-up of a nutritionist, who forms a great partnership, giving you more encouragement to lose weight.

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