How Does Sodas Affecting on Your Lifestyle

For several years, we keep repeating that sodas can have harmful effects on our health… The 10 good reasons to stop consuming them? Here we lists them for you in this article.

1. They are stuffed with sugar

Coca-cola®, Pepsi®, Sprite® or Seven up®, (…), the main component of sodas is sugar. To cite just one example, a liter of Coca-Cola® contains 110 g of sugar, or 22 sugar cubes! Needless to say the impact that sugar has on our health . Diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, (…), you see?

2. They are caloric

Are you trying to lose weight but regularly drink a glass or two of soda a day? No wonder you can’t lose weight. Who says “sugar” says “calories” … A liter of Coca-Cola®? And it’s 440 calories (unnecessary) that are added to the counter…

3. They encourage snacking

Since they are super sweet, sodas maintain the taste of sweetness for those who are used to consuming them. For what reasons) ? Because once absorbed, the sugar they contain causes hypersecretion of insulin, itself responsible for a drop in blood sugar levels. In other words, the brain is starved of sugar and produces glutamate , an excitatory neurotransmitter. Result ? We feel nervous, have an imperative craving for sugar and end up snacking without even being hungry…

4. They upset the metabolism (and promote fat storage)

A researcher from the University of Bangor, England, has shown that sodas upset the proper functioning of the metabolism , which is known to burn fat in the body. Thus, the more regularly you drink sodas, the more fats you ingest during meals are stored , and the more you increase the risk of seriously gaining weight over time.

5. They make you aggressive and nervous

A 2011 study of several teenagers in the United States showed that the more young people drank sodas, the more they were involved in fights , unlike those who did not. For those who drank more than five sodas a day? They had already consumed alcohol or smoked a cigarette at least once…

6. They reduce life expectancy

According to some scientists, people who regularly drink soda can die faster . The study? It was with mice that it was conducted. Experts noticed that mice whose blood had high levels of phosphorus, an element found in some sodas, died faster than those that did not.

7. They increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease…

Another observation made on mice in 2007 by researchers in the United States: those who swallowed the equivalent of five cans of sodas a day had a worse memory and twice as many abnormal deposits in the brain as the others. In short, two symptoms often cited in people suffering from Alzheimer’s .

8. … Or having a cardiac arrest!

Drinking a soda a day increases the risk of having a heart attack by 20% in 22 years , precisely. Amazing ? Rather truthful, it is a study published in 2011 by researchers from the renowned Harvard University in the United States that raises it.

9. They have the same effects as cocaine

Some sodas contain dopamine , a substance that is naturally released in the body when you giggle or sneeze, for example. So far no problem except that this dopamine stimulates the so-called “pleasure zone” of the brain and therefore makes us slightly euphoric . Swallowed in very large quantities, this feeling of extreme well-being is similar to that which one would have after taking cocaine … and can just as easily make us addicted!

10. They increase the risk of premature pregnancy

There, it is a Danish study carried out in 2010 on more than 60,000 women who demonstrated it. Those who drank more than one diet soda a day during their pregnancy had an 11% increased risk of giving birth prematurely , compared to women who did not drink it. For what ? Because the artificial sugars/sweeteners contained in low-fat sodas would have an impact on the uterus … Aspartame, in particular.

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